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Crossfit Texas - CrossFit for Pflugerville, Hutto, Round Rock, and Austin




The safety, health, and well-being of our CrossFit Texas family is always our highest priority.

As we re-open from the COVID-19 quarantine, many of you may be concerned or have questions about what CrossFit Texas is doing to keep all of you and our team healthy.

Below are some of the steps we are taking to get our community back to the box.

If you have any questions, give us a call or shoot us an email (



You bet! We are making sure that our gym is as clean and sanitary as possible. We deep clean all of our surfaces, ‘Zamboni’ the entire gym floor with disinfectant, spray and wiped down all equipment and counter tops. We will continue to do our very best to keep all of these surfaces sanitized and clean for everyone.

There will be a 12-person cap on every class to allow for social distancing. You MUST log in to WODIFY to reserve your spot in class. You will not be admitted without a prior reservation. You can reserve your spot in class up to 24 hours prior.

YES! If you are not comfortable coming back to the gym, we will be running Zoom classes in conjunction with the new class schedule. You will still be required to login to your class via the new class Zoom option.

You can find the Zoom link in Wodify.

Upon arriving at CFTX, please enter the gym wearing your face mask, wash your hands and proceed with your belongings to your workout platform (they will be clearly marked). A staff member will do a wellness screening including a temperature check. You will have plenty of space for your workout and will be able to get any equipment you need AFTER your screening. There will be cleaning supplies at several areas for quick and easy clean up. Please clean your gear after the workout and replace it.

Please do not come to the gym if you have been in contact with anyone who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19, are feeling any symptoms of COVID-19 (including feeling feverish), or have a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.00 degrees Fahrenheit.

You must wear a mask in the box when you are OUTSIDE of your lifting area! You will be socially distanced in your designated area and will not have to wear a mask unless you leave your lifting area. No gloves are required.

This is a new set of protocols for everyone to juggle. So until we can assess how well this is working, please arrive to class on time but not early and leave promptly to allow the other classes to come in seamlessly.

Yes, Coach Terry will finish his classes on time so that the other classes can start on time

Starting October 1, 2020, we will be allowing kids to come back to the gym, but ONLY during regular classes for now. Unfortunately, kids are still NOT allowed back to Open Gym and Bootcamp (yet).

They will need to come in with you and get their temperature checked. Then proceed immediately to the taped in area in the kitchen. Kids 12 and under will not need to wear a mask.

As a reminder, this is not a babysitting service. We can’t be responsible for keeping an eye on your children. But we want them to have a safe and comfortable spot to hang out while you get your fitness on! If they need to use the restroom you will have to physically escort them to the restroom. If they make a mess with food, crayons, paper etc. please will clean it up.

Kids are NOT to step onto the gym floor. They are NOT allowed to play with any equipment.

Please note we will not be requiring them to social distance when they are in the kitchen. So if this concerns you, please leave them home.

We will be disinfecting the area after each class.

We want to respect and care for people’s nervousness about COVID19 as much as we can. So, we are asking you to keep your distance as much as possible in order to create the safest environment we can at CFTX. #footfives!

Give us a call at 512-937-2389 or shoot us an email at and we'll get you some answers!