If you’re ready to focus on your fitness and you want to make a change, then you’ve come to the right place. At CrossFit Texas, we will do everything we can to make your healthier and stronger.

Our mission starts with our unique programming and training regimen, which is designed to increase your health, strength, and conditioning in a safe and controlled environment. As you train with us, however, you will notice changes in more than just your physical fitness. You may experience things like improved sleep, increased confidence, more energy, an enlarged social circle, and better selfies.

Our facility is led by 8 incredible coaches, covers 5,000 sq. feet, and houses state of the art CrossFit equipment. But it isn’t the facility that makes CrossFit Texas so special, its our members. They are some of the hardest-working, fun-loving, down-to-earth people that any gym could ask for. Come check it out for yourself and see what we mean. Besides, the first two classes are free, so what do you have to loose?


Terry Collie

Owner | Head Coach

Liana Collie

Owner | Coach

Wendy Mery

Coach | Admin

Cheri Thompson

Kids Coach | Media

Alina Berry


Jady Griffen


Brannon Muska

Owner | Founder

Becca Muska




Happy 🥳 birthday Coach Li!! Thanks for all that you do, we 💙and appreciate you. Hope you have an amazing day.



Happy birthday Coach Jady!!! Thanks for all you do, we appreciate you!!! Hope you had an awesome day.



All classes yesterday and today will honor Jacob Morris with #eventonemorris. Our hearts and prayers go out to the @crossfitwaterside community. Sending our 💜from Texas. #Repost @wodwellcf ・・・ Dedicated to CrossFit Games Teen Athlete Jacob Morris who passed away on Dec 13, 2019, weeks after having heart surgery. In late 2017, Morris and his family discovered he had a bicuspid aortic valve and an enlarged heart. After having a stress test done and an MRI, Morris’s family and doctors determined he would be able to safely continue training. In an Instagram post Morris wrote, “After all the tests my doctor and parents agreed that I could continue CrossFit but I had to be very aware of my body and if I ever got symptoms I would have to let them know immediately. I also needed to see my cardiologist every 6 months to redo my echo to make sure my heart was still ok for me to keep training.” Morris did keep training, taking second in the Boys 16 – 17 division in the Open, qualifying for the CrossFit Games. But just one month before Morris was to leave for Madison, his doctor requested another MRI to make sure that his heart would be able to withstand competing at the Games. All tests showed it would be safe for him to compete, on the condition that he lower his training volume once he returned. Jacob and his family went to Madison, where he placed 7th in his division. But just six weeks later, Morris woke up one night not being able to breathe. After another follow-up with his doctor, they discovered that Jacob would need surgery. After a postponement due to a cold, Morris underwent what’s called a Ross procedure to have his valve replaced. “We liked this option best because I won’t have to be on blood thinners and there is a chance my next surgery may not have to be open heart. All the others guaranteed another OHS. I’ve been able to do some exercise but nothing like I was before. That has been hard but I get very tired very quickly so I’m glad I have cut back some,” he wrote. Jacob was excited to get back to #CrossFit, sharing just two days before he passed away from complications after the surgery,



#ROMWOD tomorrow at 10am. Free for all members. #Arthur #SwoleAndFlexy #ComeROMwithUs



Reminder: This Saturday, Olympic Lifting Technique Clinic with Coach Wendy focusing on the Snatch from 10:30-noon. 📧info@crossfittx.com to sign up 🏋🏻This class will cap at 16 people. You will need to reserve your spot prior to class. Yes, you can reserve a spot last minute. The Oly Bundle expires on 10/13/19. This class will be for current enrollees of Next Generation and any member/non-member 18+ years old.



5-6:30 members open gym tonight!!



Welcome to the fam Giovana!



Taking a breath at the top is something we always talk about during our squatting sessions & here’s a great visual in helping remind you today for those heavy front squats. Don’t forget to “go underwater” 🐠🐟🐡 #Repost @whiteboard_daily ・・・ | COACHING CUE | . “Go underwater” inspired by @lapizarradelcoach . When? Breath control during heavy squat/front squats . What does this mean? “When we squat heavy weight with a barbell (for example anything over 80% of your 1 rep-maximum), it is advised to take a large breath and hold it through the entire repetition. . Usually this type of breathing is not needed for higher repetition sets with low weight. . However, when you are squatting heavy for a few reps it is crucial. Doing so allows us to dramatically stabilize our core.” - Dr. Aaron Horschig in “How to breathe when squatting” on the @squatuniversity site .
I hope you found this valuable. If so, #repost or tag someone who needs to see it. . Quickly access 350+ educational boards on the WBD Glossary - LINK IN BIO @whiteboard_daily . WBD is proud to be sponsored by @GETRXD



Happy 🥳 Birthday, @carolinaking2!!! We hope you had a great day!!!! XOXO 7pm



Okay Posse, registration is OPEN for our in house #resolutionremix 2020 competition. Grab a partner and let’s go!!! Registration link in profile. 🎛For current CFTX members 🎛DIVISIONS: Beginner, Intermediate, RX with MM or FF teams only.



No ☔️ umbrella needed. 5:00-6:30 Open Gym Posse here is your opportunity to work all the things!!



Rowing Clinic after bootcamp today. Here are the deats. 🔹10:30am-11:30am. 🔹$25.00, class will cap at 16 people. 🔹To sign-up head to https://CFTX.wodify.com and select the Rowing Skill Clinic. 🔹This class will be great for the beginner or the novice rower. Learn how to become an efficient rower, proper technique for maximizing your output, learn how to read the computer screens and become one with the rower.