If you’re ready to focus on your fitness and you want to make a change, then you’ve come to the right place. At CrossFit Texas, we will do everything we can to make your healthier and stronger.

Our mission starts with our unique programming and training regimen, which is designed to increase your health, strength, and conditioning in a safe and controlled environment. As you train with us, however, you will notice changes in more than just your physical fitness. You may experience things like improved sleep, increased confidence, more energy, an enlarged social circle, and better selfies.

Our facility is led by 8 incredible coaches, covers 5,000 sq. feet, and houses state of the art CrossFit equipment. But it isn’t the facility that makes CrossFit Texas so special, its our members. They are some of the hardest-working, fun-loving, down-to-earth people that any gym could ask for. Come check it out for yourself and see what we mean. Besides, the first two classes are free, so what do you have to loose?


Terry Collie

Owner | Head Coach

Liana Collie

Owner | Coach

Wendy Mery

Coach | Admin

Cheri Thompson

Kids Coach | Media

Alina Berry


Jady Griffen


Brannon Muska

Owner | Founder

Becca Muska




Can’t stop, won’t stop!! Your community is wherever you make it❤️ Thanks Posse for joining Coach Alina on #zoom tonight. Virtual high fives 🤚🏻all the way!! Solid work tonight. See ya tomorrow morning at 9am with Coach Cheri.



Posse, we hope you will Zoom right on into bootcamp tomorrow morning. Be sure to look for the zoom link in your 📧. Coach Terry will be going live at 9am. If you haven’t had an opportunity to WOD virtually with the Posse yet, we hope you will join us soon. The last few WODs have been so much fun and we have loved seeing all your faces. Thank goodness for technology because we sure do miss our people!!



Fitness will not stop Coaching will not stop Community will not stop With the spread of COVID-19 all gyms have been shut down in Texas. During this crazy time @crossfitroundrock, CrossFit Texas, and @crossfithutto have been sticking together as much as we can, across 3 cities with support, love, and unity ❤️ Our main goal has always been to take care of our Community and we decided to create a T-shirt to help spread the love ❤️ As we all travel these uncharted waters, we're excited to partner with our friends over at @brushycreekclothing for this t-shirt launch. Here's to standing together and spreading love during this unprecedented time. #supportyourlocalbox #SupportYourBox #CFRR #CFHUTTO #CFTX Link in profile



Dealing with the cards we’ve been dealt and making it work one day & WOD at a time!!! Thanks to all of those who joined us on zoom this morning for bootcamp. If you weren’t able to join, the zoom bootcamp was recorded & you can hop on and knock it out anytime today. Enjoy your day Posse!! Stay healthy, stay strong, we love you guys!!!



That’s right, Posse!! Stay strong. We’re all going to get through this. 🖤 Start or end your day with us on @zoom_us. We have a 9am and 6pm virtual class today.



Let’s Zoom with Coach Wend for #ROMWOD at 10am. #OMalley #SwoleAndFlexy #comeromwithus



The United T-shirt collection started out with 3 local boxes, but over the past week other gyms across the entire state have joined forces and UNITED we stand. We are up to THIRTY!!! Yes, 3-0 others gyms across Texas have joined together. If you would like to order one here is the CFTX link. Each box will be collecting its own proceeds and will go to relieving some of the potential issues each box may face with this outbreak. https://www.brushycreekclothing.com/products/crossfit-texas-united



Yesterday we hosted another quick drive through equipment pick up and gosh was it good to see your socially distanced faces. Thanks again for following all the safety guidelines. We appreciate your cooperation. Posse, y’all have been crushin’ the at home WODs. We love seeing your creativity. There is something to be said about making due with minimal and in some case no equipment at all. There is beauty in the basics & from our personal experiences and feedback, the WODs are 🔥 . Just remember, where there is a will, there is a way. It is all in your willingness to commit . COMMIT TO . Staying active .Staying positive .Your mental, emotional, & physical health .Setting your daily intention .Gratitude .Your overall well being .Owning your attitude .Focusing on the things you can control and not spending precious resources on the things that are beyond your control .Allowing yourself grace during this time We are here for you, Posse. Reach out if you’re struggling, need help, and or prayers. We are a family & we deeply care about each and everyone of you. Keep being awesome and hop on Zoom even if you don’t WOD. These social interactions are good for your soul. We love you guys, stay committed and stay strong.



Tomorrow is Saturday if you needed to know. Anyone else having trouble remembering what day of the week it is 😂 Saturday means we start our Saturday off CFTX style & that means we WOD, Posse. Jump on Zoom tomorrow morning at 9am for our community bootcamp. We want to see your smiling faces 💙



Hey Posse, you’ve got mail!!! Head on over to your inboxes and let’s touch base. Hope you guys are enjoying the sunshine. We miss you!!!



#ROMWOD tomorrow at 10am, via Zoom. #Demeter #SwoleAndFlexy #ComeROMwithUs



We’re in Posse and in classic CFTX style we’re going to make this FUN!! All of the details from us just went out via 📧, but here’s what you can expect and look forward to We will be doing these wods on our Saturday bootcamp Zoom class so you should just go ahead and register online! We will link it in our profile and attach. We will have a weekly theme attire and at the end of the competition, the top 3 male and female performers for each division will receive a gift from CFTX We miss our community something fierce and this will be a fun way for us to come together virtually during this quarantine. Go check out your email to get all the details and then go to your closet and start getting your weekly attire ready😜 https://www.crossfit.com/sport/support-your-local-box-fundraiser #Repost @crossfit ・・・ The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser is a CrossFit event for the benefit of CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19 around the globe. Over a three-week period, CrossFit will release three classic and accessible workouts that can be performed by participants of any ability level. There is no registration fee, but you have the option of donating $20-$1,000 to the affiliate of your choice. All contributions will be given directly to CrossFit affiliates. • Registration takes place on the @crossfitgames website beginning on or before Wednesday, April 1, and will remain open for the duration of the competition. The first workout will be released on Friday, April 3. • Follow the link in our bio for details. #supportyourlocalbox